ECEC Two-Story Building School Design

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Nice school building design. Delightful “playing” area for children. This building designed with “fresh-air school” approach principle, where children spend much of their day outdoors. The building design earned a LEED® silver certification through specific environmentally sound design principles and materials. Indoor and outdoor activity areas were designed to match the intellectual, physical and socialization skills and needs of each age group.

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modern school building design

This building is belong to The Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC). ECEC is both a child care center and a research center to support the many UC Berkeley programs focused on early child development. The two-story structure provides childcare for 18 infants, 24 toddlers, and 32 preschoolers. Located UC Berkeley, CA, and designed by JSW/D Architects, the ECEC respects the original residential character of South Berkeley’s surviving older buildings, through the use of familiar residential forms, details and materials to create a ‘homelike’ environment.



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