Easy Sew DIY Christmas Accessories: Santa Inspired Theme

Christmas just in weeks, so how far do you prepare it? Here 2 Easy to sew DIY Christmas accessories with Santa inspired theme. One is Santa inspired bag, and second is Santa felt sculpture for Christmas tree ornaments or key chains, or just a handmade gift. All the patterns downloadable.

1. Santa inspired bag for Christmas Accessories

santa inspired bag DIY Christmas accessories

This handmade Santa bag can become bag for gift or else, its up you ?. You need fleece fabrics, red and white. Part of bag is white top fleece, the body that full red fleece, casing, drawstring, and snowballs-like for detailing. Rest step by step and free pattern @ crafterhoursblog

2. Santa Christmas tree ornament

santa sculpture DIY Christmas tree ornament

For this Santa sculpture Christmas tree ornament, you need felt fabric Cardboard/ cardstock paper for patterns, Black/ blue marker, Needle, Scissors, Polyester stuffing, Golden string, Red felt…and rest step by step can be found @ floralblossom

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