Earthenware Vessels, Solution to Make Garden Because Do Not Has Enough Land

Pot or earthenware vessel, or maybe another plants media can create garden around your house although you do not have enough land to make “normal garden”.

vessel for green building improvement garden design

You can call it as alternative garden; consist of pot series that contains plants. Although seems different than normal garden, if we can arrange it, it will functioned as garden, and looks beautiful.

Talks about beauty, its more perfect if we use earthenware vessel for plants media, because the earthenware vessel appearing itself is beautiful.

Before going to plant, make sure that your plants media have enough holes at the bottom. These holes have function to throw water exceed, because water only need to make humidity, not flooding the plants. If it does not have leg, then it has to support with (for example) bricks, so water flow quickly.

Based Layer
Beside propped, make sure that media composition in vessel ordered properly, so water suffused. The bottom of pot/vessel should fulfill with roof-tile fraction or bricks fraction, so plant media do not washed away. Beside keep the plant media, fractions also keep thw water longer. For 40-60 cm of pot/vessel, the fractions layer is in 5-7 cm of height. On the fractions layer, put on chopped palm fiber or edible fern which usually use for orchid plant media. After base layer ready, put on plant media, consist of soil, nature fertilizer, and sand in 2:1:1.
Plant Process

Fill pot with media at ½ of height, and then put in plants with composition that you wish. Fill again with media, dense the soil, and put on water. Pot which consist of new plants, better placed under shading place, because new plants is not ready to receive sunlight.

Beside placed on land, the pot can be hanging. Usually, hanging pot for terrace decoration. For this usage, make sure that the pot used is not too heavy. For creative idea, egg wire basket can be used.


garden narrow land design ideas

Water Plants

Earthenware vessels also can be used for water plants. For this kind of plants, make sure that the vessel really waterproof. To keep save, you can layer it first with cement. Put the water plants on place that reached by sunlight 6-8 hours a day.

For plant media, it better if we use mud. If possible, use mud from rice field. Make sure that the mud free from snail egg, waste,, and other products that contaminated the mud.

If there is no mud, you can make it by yourself. The media consist of soil, nature fertilizer, and sand in 3:1:1. Stir the raws and dry in the sun for one day, after that submerged in to water. After onw week, throw the water. Mud media ready to use.

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