DIY Vertical Planter Ideas from Recycled Shipping Pallet

Indoor green garden or green wall or living wall or vertical garden or others name is great idea to create unique decoration elements in your home interior with various advantages, such as localized temperature, reduce noise, etc. But if you have limited budget to create living wall, here is an idea to create DIY vertical planter for your own living wall interior elements.It is easy to built a living wall planter. If you worry about the appearance, take a look photos below:

DIY vertical planter interior elements inspiration
DIY vertical planter idea living wall interior

Satisfied with the look? If not, you can enhance it with paint or pattern that suitable for your interior. This indoor wall garden planter suitable for any kind of plants. You can choose herbs and spices for cooking ingredients, or maybe just decorative plants as living interior decorating. If you have more materials, why don’t you make your own vertical planter for both function?

How to make this vertical planter? This DIY vertical planter made from shipping pallet, so you also participated in recycling project. Another materials tools for this DIY vertical planter for living wall interior elements are hammer, nails, thin wood or plastic roughly the size of the back of the pallet, landscaping fabric, plastic sheeting, staple gun, indoor potting soil, plants. And for optional materials are 3 inch eyehooks and heavy weight bearing metal chain. Steps to do this DIY vertical planter at BeersnBeans tutorial.


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