DIY Home Furniture Wood Table Surface Transformation

So, do you want to renew your wood table to get better appearance? Do it yourself –DIY home furniture is the best way, so there no furniture scraps are waiting to demolish. There are various ways to renew old wood table. Easiest way is paint it with desirable colors. But, how to paint it? Totally paint the wood table or maybe there are options to make the transformation get better result? Here are better ideas to do DIY home furniture to renew your wood table.

If there is any specific symmetric pattern like geometrical shape on wood table’s surface, follow the patterns and paint the certain patterns to highlight the desired visualized image, like this union jack coffee table. The result is lovely and totally new table although from DIY home furniture.

DIY home furniture union jack table decor

Another DIY home furniture for wood table is if there are irregular/abstract patterns, you can paint the rest surface of the wood to highlight natural abstract pattern like this wood coffee table below:

unique wood table design idea

If there is no pattern of wood materials of table’s surface, you still can do DIY home furniture. Just paint the surface of wood table to create interesting objects, like chessboard pattern. Or create a pattern by inserting another wood into existing wood table surface.
chessboard unique coffee table wood materials
modern unique wood table DIY inspiration


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