DIY Home Décor: Tree Branches Curtain Rod for Cheap and Beauty Idea

DIY interior element curtain rod idea

How to beautify your home interior is not only select the expensive goods/interior element. The cheap one, but with creative handmade, will cheer up and create unique home decoration. If you want to do DIY home decor, this curtain rod creation will be inspiring idea, thanks to Hilary.

DIY home decor cheap curtain rod solution

This curtain rod made from tree branch. I am sure you will find fairly straight branch in your surrounding area easily. But make sure that you have curtain with large loops or grommets for easiest installation. Because its DIY home decor, you could treat the thee branch as you wish. For natural effect, left the woods untreated, including the bark. Or if you want to create sophisticated thing, you can paint the branch with various colors. But, keep the branch still look branch although its colored is lovelier for your interior. If you want to do this cheap curtain rod DIY home decor solution, follow the instruction step by step here.


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