Distinctive Architecture of Modern Gable House Design

modern gable house distinctive architecture design

Formed as a classic gable roof structure with corrugated metal sheets wrap entire house exterior, including the roof, this modern gable house has distinctive architecture form. There is tunnel-like passageway structure in the center of ground floor; pretty unique doesn’t it? Or…weird? But in architecture, everything is impossible, isn’t it?

modern gable house corrugated-metal-sheets wrap
modern gable house urban japanese architecture
modern gable house outdoor terraces balcony
tunnel-like construction modern gable house
modern gable house tunnel-like passageway structure

The tunnel-like passageway structure idea came from this modern gable house site; where previously farmlands and fields existed. The idea built a tunnel-like construction is to get condition and feel like in the agriculture fields where winds blow solid and natural light is constant. The tunnel now becomes a shaded terrace. While maintaining another side keep enclosed, the tunnel-like terrace become source of light and of course ventilation for inside house’s spaces.

shaded-terrace tunnel structure modern gable house
simple bright entrance interior modern gable house
corridor built-in hidden storage modern gable house
bright natural light modern gable house interior
bathroom interior modern gable house design
bathtub interior modern gable house idea
minimalist bathroom modern gable house inspiration

This modern gable house interior also stunning. Because the tunnels, vis-à-vis stairs built so upstairs is accessible from both side of house. Built-in custom bookshelves created at side of stairs. At the center of staircase, there is glass floor, along with skylight above. While private rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms take the ground area, kitchen and living room take place at second floors. Besides the tunnel, two outdoor openings at side of kitchen and living room are very interesting. The openings act as windows and outdoor terraces/balcony. So do you to build unique house like this modern gable house? Modest and radical design comes in one structure. Architect: Takao Shiotsuka Atelier, Japan.

view from living room modern gable house
innovative skylight structure modern gable house
storage area ground floor modern gable house
toys collection shelves modern gable house
book shelves at-stairs modern gable house
modern gable house interior connecting area
skylight-and-glass floor second floor interior idea
center floor access modern gable house
dining area roof terrace openings
simple kitchen interior modern gable house
upstairs living area interior modern gable house
minimalist accent living interior decoration
steps terrace roof innovative design idea
roof terrace design modern gable house

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