Desert-like Sloping House Modern Geometrical Design Ideas

Built on extreme desert temperature differences, this modern house take advantage of sloping contour to maximize comfortable living space. Various inclined roof formed as continuous shape with open patio that provide light and ventilation and allow spectacular views towards the surrounding landscape. The result is stunning sculptural geometric outdoors look. The interior design, space layout organize follow the opening patio terrace, create dynamic area. For the landscape, simple garden with artificial topography to hide the giant sloped roof add a balance sense. Designed by Productora Architects.

desert-like modern sloping house geometrical design style

street simple form house sloping geometrical construction

various roof inclination form sloping house design

various patios series modern open sloping house

unique sculptural outdoor patio house design ideas

dynamic space organization form modern house design

open-up roof outdoor terrace house modern construction

wooden texture decor modern interior design house

roof top sloping unique garden design ideas


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