Delightful Modern Bench Design of Pylon Towers Inspiration

Called as Pylon this modern bench really delightful, full of colors that can be customized as you want. This modern bench can be use outdoor and indoor. For outdoor uses, choose oiled ipé wood materials. For indoor uses, choose stained pine. Based on traditional bench shape, this bench furniture transformed into sleek, cheerful, and modern bench that inspired from pylon towers construction. This contemporary bench is perfect complement to high-design interiors and cutting-edge architecture, from boutique, home, entrances, hotels, libraries, malls, museums, outdoor cafes, playgrounds, shopping malls, terraces, waiting rooms, and many others. Designed by: Kristoffer Fagerström A&D & Marcus Abrahamsson. Produced by: NOLA industrier.


Stool: length 48cm.

Width: 40cm. Height: 45cm.

Bench: length: 205cm.

Width: 40cm. Height: 45cm.


Bench and stool.

Stained pine for indoor use only in the following finishes:

Yellow: NCS S 0570-G90Y

Orange: NCS S 0770-Y30R

Magenta: NCS S 1050-R30B

Blue: NCS S 1050 B10G

Green: NCS S 1060-G

Oiled Ipé wood is available for use outdoors.

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