Define Meaning of Every Day Life: Modern Concrete House Design

modern concrete house sloping topography design

Three lots sloping site with fantastic city landscape views, what kind of house building should be made? If you have vast land and of course the budget :D, large dimension house should be considered, like this modern concrete house. This concrete house construction is really inspiring. If you have limited budget, just take the spirit of the house as explained below to make your dream house. All house design concept should take first lines on the meaningful principal between human and its surrounding and define the relationship. This house built based on that thinking.

Taken inspiration from the landscape and panoramic view, the large dimension of this house divide into two parts of construction. One is buried and become part of sloping topography. The other half house volume built with longitudinal portion, float and expose the white concrete appearance. The flat roof becomes roof garden and vast outdoor terrace to enjoy the dramatic and stunning vista.

The two parts construction and surrounding landscape create a unique dialogue that becomes amazing characteristic. Buried space volume enhance natural vocals, introvert but intimate. The upper half space house volume enhance social vocals, open, glowing, transparent, a possibility to enjoy the excitement of live. Fact is, the life flowing between the two identity, like real human life in this beautiful earth, right? So this modern concrete house inspire the dweller to define meaning of every day life.

Architecture: ARX PORTUGAL, Arquitectos Lda.

Engeneering: SAFRE, Projectos e Estudos de Engenharia Lda.

Photography: FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura ARX Portugal

Gross Construction Area: 1010 m2

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