Custom Home Modern Re-invigorating House Design

This modern water front house, customize to create more lively zone. The central circulation core had been re-invigorating, creates more sufficient natural light to the house and has good cross ventilation. This multi-level dwelling has two distinct areas planning, private and for social living, created in through a series of lofty indoor and outdoor living spaces. Wooden slats materials as construction and structure wrapping create unique character to this house. Sun-lit terraces with double height ceiling and mezzanine addition made from wooden slats has good atmosphere to enjoy the swimming pool and bay landscape beyond. The interior design has whiteness style, contrast with wooden volume for outdoor and semi outdoor area. Unique corridor connection area consist of natural stones wall, small minimalist inner garden, covered with wooden slats board create stunning interior décor space. Designed by CplusC Architects.

custom home re-invigorating central circulation core innovation

multi-level dwelling renovation outdoor wooden slats decor

whiteness slick minimalist water front house interior

sun-lit terrace backyard open swimming pool minimalist

double height sun-lit terrace wooden slats structure

semi outdoor open house mezzanine entertainment design

open water front house wooden slats character

open dining minimalist house interior cross ventilation

minimalist slick kitchen lofty serie house interior

natural stone wall small garden interior corridoring

four levels cascading modern custom home design

water front house wooden slats physical connection

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