Curvilinear Form Accentuating House Design Ideas

Following the natural contour of the land, this modern house formed as curvilinear shaped. This building form enhancing the house to unify with surrounding landscape of valley and coastline, accentuating indoor and outdoors space become lively modern living and entertaining. The living spaces radiating about the radius of the curve and placed to take advantage of specific site views. A dramatic sloping plaster wall leads visitors to the main entry placed at the fulcrum point of the coast view as framed through a 8’ wide mahogany frame glass pivot door. Upon entering the home, the interior spaces radiate north and south from the entry along a curved gallery hall defined by a continuous curved plaster wall. A unique curved sloping roof form with a radial wood ceiling interior finish provides warmth, continuity between building spaces, and excellent acoustics. the natural site slope was re-contoured with a series of terraces for the house, guesthouse, pool and spa. Designed by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects.

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  1. James Pursell says

    Curvilinear? I’d call it stark. Bare. Cold. Unfriendly. Did you ever get anyone to actually live there?

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