Cross-Shaped Volume Interior Design Rough Original State Sense Renovation

This modern apartment interior design has awesome works ideas. First is cross-shaped volume that enhances new light to inside, bring more luminous, create lively house. The cross-shaped consist two elongated circles of kitchen and bathroom that intersect, with whiteness wall style. Second, in spacious living room, dining and certain parts of apartment, ceiling and walls was left as it was. All imperfections even made the interior look stylish with preserved in their original state and simply protected by a layer of enamel; peeling plaster, stonework and original frescoes, etc. For a translation media to connect luminous white volume and ancient volume, earth tones wood board used as flooring and to cover part of the wall. Beside of that, the wood also becomes part of the furnishings. Another brilliant interior idea are the bathroom that can be convert as children bedroom or use as playing space, and kitchen furnishing, like stove furniture storage that can be closed, become seating area, or multifunction desk for cooking. Designed by Gus Wustemann.

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