Creative Pop-up Style Shop for Small Corner Lot

small gourmet tea shop activity

Do you want to build small corner shop or rearrange your really tiny convenience store interior design? This gourmet tea shop in pop-up style shop design should be considered. The design of this small shop and its decorating really inspiring. Built with panels and table that can be fold, slide, and swing. This pop-up style shop completely hides from the street when it closed. The racks panels of shelving storage displays and table can be swung, slide, and fold to reveal entire shop. When it closed, a mural-like decorating of color scheme pattern decorating the shop and entire street corner. Designed by Alan Chu. Photo by Djan Chu.

small shop design idea pop-up style
folding panels shelvings units reveal small shop design
pop-up style shop creative design idea
hidden small-shop design mural color pattern

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