Creative House Design U-shaped Style-like One-story Volume

Modern Japanese creative house design with U-shaped style like and one-story volume building really breathtaking. With surrounding rice field landscape, this modern creative house has more privacy. From the street level, a flat two car garage in simple open-plan design built. Next to garage is simple modern outdoor garden with pathway that connects and lead to the courtyard. The U-shaped creative house design volume encloses the simple modern courtyard garden and has open-plan floor overlooking the garden. The garden landscape designed in minimalist style, include natural stones materials. The flat roof garage also becomes garden landscape area. The floorplan concept of this creative house design is a combination between traditional Japanese home and a modern style. There is no traditional lobby, from the open frame; there is doma (dirt floor) that become connection inside the house and outdoor area. The main house volume contains bedroom, kitchen, traditional style living room, and lavatory and bathroom. The wings volume next to garage is storage area. Other wing volume opposite the storage is Japanese style room. This creative house design has economical materials, include single gable galvalume roof. The interesting design is the opening at living area. The opening at living room consist of two sliding doors (glazed) with the meeting point at the corner. Designed by Mitsutomo Matsunami – MMA Design.

Modern Japanese creative house design photos gallery:

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