All of this house rooms created in open oriented, direct to a garden. Green impression wrapped building mass stands up on trapezoid land is best solution for urban living.

church architecture

Made dwelling concept at trapezoid landscape was not easy. Usually architect has sacrificed pointed area to make open facility such as garden.

church architecture

The house placed at elbow area at one straight area, so there are three sides open area, front side, side side, and back side. This system can linked parts of room building with open space so shaded aura feel in room. Wide terrace and glass wall become supplement of almost room which linked to garden. Even, there is wall of bathroom which faces garden, created from glass without frame so garden viewing behind it looks optimal.

Front garden have function as transition area. Plant composition positioned towards wall as effort to wrap massive fence. If we on foyer terrace, then room orientation placed at opposite sector with the terrace. Existing plant defended because te leaves canopy gave wide shelter surround it. Hindu Temple miniature which created from glazed porcelain supplemented bush composition which covered the wall.

church architecture

Long corridor at side is access that connect front garden with private area in back garden. Limited path (2-3 meter) placed between high fences walls and building that hollow at elbow. To determine monotonous and limited impression, palnt composition take the role. The high and low of plant make variety and bend so give enjoying experiment when cross through it. Bush plant, clump, and ground cover ordered along the length of fences as cover of massive wall fences.

Pool dominated parts of backyard, and become main extension of this garden. The pool have square shaped with water which bounces blue color of mosaic ceramics on base of pool, contrast with white stones. Pool border which towards plants made with overflow systems so the pool seems united with the garden. As accessories, there are relax chair with umbrella from red canvas.

church architecture

After that, land contour at backyard created more higher, this condition make owner easier to composite plants so it feel dynamic wrapped fences wall which wider at back. Sector which faces with back terrace become focal point at backyard with Ganesha statue, as stopping point. To create dramatic effect of that statue, that statue prop with lower pedestal which flow thw water. Sound of water flowing in a small stream support shaded atmosphere.

Back terrace beside the garden become coziest place. Sofa sets and wooden platform in tropical sphere become supplement o this beautiful garden.



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