Cool Small House Design on Narrow Plot

cool modern small house design idea

Do you have narrow plot land? What will you do with that property? FYI: Build a house, living spaces on narrow is possible. Here is example of small house design on 7 meters wide plot. How to build house on 7 meters wide plot? Take the inspiration from small house design images below.

This small house design has maximum width 5 meters; the rest 2 meters is for access to the backyard. This small house has simple rectangular-shape architecture, and has three-level floor plan. Because the terrain is under the street, its lowest floor is like a basement. Second floor and third floor cubic exterior composition combined; create an outdoor porch for car garage.

The interior of this small house design also simple yet inspiring, and use the construction materials and equipment as interior elements and decorating. For example, dotted patterns of spiral stair, and cable reels of ceiling lamps, become artistic interior decorating. Another take away home idea is center skylight right on top of staircase. The steps of the staircase also reach the top ceiling for library purpose. This small house designed by U-C: Under-Construction Architects.


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