Cool Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas that Saving Spaces

Own small living spaces is not a sad thing, but the condition can spur our creativity about how to organizing things under the house. One of difficult thing is organizing kitchen stuff. Kitchen pantry design, whether it to store foods, or other kitchen appliances, should be neat and perfect in organizing. Cool kitchen pantry design ideas below are about how to create cool pantry for small living space, so there are saving spaces for another function. Let’s review steps below from easiest solution (step 1, and step 2) until DIY kitchen pantry design (step 3):

1. Easiest and simplest way is use holders, drawer organizer, and basket, like built in spice rack at your kitchen pantry cabinet doors. There are various kinds of kitchen holders, drawer organizer, and baskets available in the market.

spices holder saving space gadget kitchen pantry
saving space kitchen pantry spices holder
SpiceStor Organizer 20 Cabinet Door Clips / Rack
basket holder kitchen pantry saving space idea

Vinea Undershelf Basket – White

magnetic spice rack kitchen pantry
Magnetic spice rack from

2. Use or buy multifunction kitchen pantry cabinet or and with efficient and effective drawer design

multifunction kitchen pantry cabinet idea

Butcher Block Bin With Pantry – White

3. Not enough budget or and need customization of kitchen pantry design, or transform used furniture into cool kitchen pantry, or cool pantry makeover? It’s time to create your own cool pantry. Check out image below for DIY cool kitchen pantry design ideas for small spaces and unexpected space of placement:

a. Emily use carousels drawer for kitchen pantry makeover

cool kitchen pantry design idea carousels drawer

b. Roeckers and Mallory & Savannah made DIY kitchen pantry cabinet for tiny space, between his refrigerator and walls! What a brilliant idea for cool kitchen pantry design! Note: if you have used bookshelves, transform it into pantry drawer with this idea.

DIY kitchen pantry design idea cabinet
tiny space kitchen pantry design ideas

c. If you found hidden space behind the wall, this DIY extra pantry storage by Amy@ Just Pleased as Punch will be awesome idea

hidden space kitchen pantry design idea
cool kitchen pantry design from hidden space

d. Use salvages or existing materials in your house to create budgetary kitchen pantry makeover, just like this expensive appearance cool pantry idea by Lynda Quintero-Davids

luxury kitchen pantry appearance design

e. Create extra storage at your doors! Idea by Woods

doors extra kitchen pantry storage


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