Contemporary Bungalow Design with Cozy Interior Atmosphere

contemporary bungalow design seamless flow-of-space interior

ZZ Architects, one of India’s leading Contemporary Architecture firm, based in Mumbai, has completely transformed the contemporary bungalow house into a vivacious design. Seamless flow of space throughout the whole house provides a perception of energy that is calm, yet continuous. The renovation result is this contemporary bungalow design really adorable, cozy for daily living with its luxurious style.

The broken down structure resembles interlocking pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that are put together one at a time to complete the main frame such that, the broken down pieces become the design process and the end result is an assembled and unified structure that stands together just the way it was conceived in the design. The challenge was to play with the structural grid and the restricted existing volume and add additional spaces and architectural elements to extend and enhance the experience. The Conservatory, gym, home theatre, open terrace and landscaped areas are a part of these architectural extensions of the contemporary bungalow design.

The space planning: The living room has been given the theme of a conservatory with a different style of furniture. The kitchen where all prefer to live and eat now-a-days, is clean in a black and white contrast with a mini dining area emphasized with a formal chandelier that adds a twist to the straight lines. The gym is an additional area planned facing a stunning roof terrace that is a joy in summer and serves as a congregation space besides a 15 seater home theatre. The bedrooms are open and play well with the low restricting structural grid that we carry forward from the existing structure. The extension layout floor plan create flowing and continuous interior design in this contemporary bungalow design.

Wood is a warm welcoming material used through out to add to the luxury look of the home. Security and mood lighting controls have been integrated in the living, landscaped and master spaces making the space convenient and impressively practical.

Though the house is a new age smart home with lighting, security, entertainment and all services integrated on a finger touch, the emphasis is more on details and how every corner is stitched to our imagination. Overall, this renovated contemporary bungalow design is invite, the luxury and the spaces division go in harmony.

Architects: ZZ Architects

Location of the Site: Mumbai, India

Project Type: Interior Design and Space Planning

Site Area: 10,000 sq.ft. construction area

Photo credits: ZZ Architects

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