Complete Makeover to Modernize of Sixties Bungalow Residence

The existing sixties (60s) bungalow consist of two wings building formed in triangle shaped with living room as center was renovated to create larger space, more modern, and lots of light. Due to the contour of terrain, the two wings is completely excavated so lower ground was created, make new completely sense. At the two rectangular wings intersection, new rectangular open plan living room and sheltered outdoor lounge terrace built. This living room and sheltered lounge terrace volume differentiated by a white steel cladding. Expansive glass walls used make sure that the house fulfill with natural lights and expansive views captured from inside. Clean-lines of rectangular wings create modern impression.

Ground levels consist of indoor swimming pool, sauna, home theater, ballroom, wine cellar and a garage. At the terrain level, one wing space is for the kitchen, and other wing door private area, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The living room adjoins a large lounge terrace, by a white steel pergola surrounded become transition area. Designed by Van Aken Architecten.


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