Communally-Oriented Lifestyle House Design Ideas

This modern house has open structure for living spaces and bedrooms, which opened onto a relatively large garden and patio that faces the public streets and surrounding houses, for communally-oriented lifestyle. For the second floor, there is open-air living room terrace, designed with geometrical roof for perfect natural lightning. The clean minimalist and simple interior designed with white colors, built-in racks wall furniture for art collection. The built-in racks furniture also become flexible open partition option, and also lights layout between functional spaces. Refined palette of materials used, create both serious as well as casual house architecture. Designed by John Freidman Alice Kimm Architects.

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    This is a beautiful house. It strikes the prefect balance between inviting and posh. When you are going for a minimalist look, you still want to introduce at least a few decorative elements to ensure your home looks warm and inviting. However, you also want to make sure that you do not put too many decorative pieces in each of your rooms because then the rooms will seem cluttered and disorganized.

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