Coastal Modern House Design Conceptualized with Two Distinct Interior Zones

coastal modern house design open-plan architecture

What concept should be applied when you want to build a modern house in coastal site like in coastal city of Guaruja, São Paulo state of Brazil? A perfect location to escape for summer holiday. Commonly, the house should accommodate social event, you know, summer time is time for party :), but private spaces also important. Modern house design conceptualized with two distinct interior zones and large porch, and of course mixed inside-outside area like this modern home should be reconsidered. Two distinct interior zones divided the house into two parts. Each part has own function, let’s say private space and social space.

Built in rectangular shapes structure, this modern house design divided into two floor-plan. One is double-height structure with open-plan volume for social space, although does not as radical as open-plan like this house design with creative open plan technique. Second is two-storey floor-plan for service and private (bathrooms-bedrooms) space. There are also porches, one in front of this modern house design, and use for car parking. Second is at backyard, use for outdoor kitchen and dining area. The rear porch has parallel layout with living area in the glazed structure. Between living interior and outdoor backyard porch, large folding doors installed. If the doors opened, the union between living and porch become mixed inside-outside area. Lovely, doesn’t it?

How about the interior design? Simple interior and whiteness accent applied. Takeaway idea is small pond interior element under the staircase! With 520 sqm site, the house construction only required 340 sqm of land. The rest land in the backyard becomes simple tropical garden with swimming pool. There is also pool house for private occasion. What a complete coastal modern house design for summer holiday! Designed by Flavio Castro.


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