Chic Sushi Bar Ultra Modern Unconventional Restaurant Interior Design

Chic sense with ultra modern design in unconventional interior plan of this sushi bar restaurant is really inspiring and awesome. This unique interior space shape finished with white-matte basic color, recycled plywood resin wall and flooring characterize, also certain elements of fuchsia (vivid reddish or pinkish purple) color such as table surface and corner sofa blend in harmonious and balanced. For the interior shape plan, every intersection of materials used to insert shelves, chairs and tables so there are no useless spaces. You can find this restaurant at Turin, called as Sosushi. Designed by UAU Studio.

unconventional ultra modern restaurant intersection space shape

white-matte restaurant bar chic interior design

creative recycled plywood wall restaurant interior decor

harmoniuos white wood fuchsia elemental restaurant interior

edge corner utilities compact restaurant interior design

storage wall insertion maximize interior restaurant idea

lighting ceiling format modern restaurant interior

fuchsia sofa seating elemental decor restaurant design


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