Chic Colorfully Play Four-bedroom Rental Apartment Interior Renovation

Stylish lines with chic colors and pattern furnishings of this apartment interior renovation create the spaces very livable and awesome. Every room has its own core color, from carpet, walls, ceiling, also the furniture and accessories. Innovative vinyl flooring applied, different colors in each room with large white circles to enhance particular pieces above it. Like the L-shaped sofa with cabana-like installation in red, surrounding by red vinyl flooring because of the large white circle, the sofa aura come out ad create aesthetically sense of chic interior style. A center room has patterned wallpaper until the ceiling with black flooring. In baby/toddler bedroom in pink colors has animal décor creation, hanging as lamp and as screen decoration. Floating animal also applied in modern children room in green. Yellow lines of dining room that has bookshelves add cheerful ambiance. Closet doors were replaced with curtains with unique motifs. Designed by Work Architecture Company working with artist Elodie Blanchard. Photos by Adam Friedberg.

large sofa cabana-like installation stylish interior apartment

center apartment cheerfully wallpaper ceiling unique motif

pink toddler bedroom animal printed interior decorating

chic green sense children bedroom apartment renovation

dining bookshelves library unified apartment stylish interior


  1. Simon says

    Our rooms represent our selves. This is our haven we often spend time contemplating and relaxing in our own rooms. Having the idea of a playful color rooms sets the active and positive move. I like it so much because it reminds me of my room at my grandma’s house. Love it!


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