Chameleon Luxury Rocky Desert House Design

This luxury house located rocky beam and desert that make this house more gorgeous. Its building really like chameleon, unified with its beautiful landscape. The entry way from the street is composed of an arch shaped stone clad wall combined with another curved wall juxtaposed by a steel gate that penetrates thru the wall and continues all the way to ground zero.

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The entry gate has water flowing on both surfaces of rippled glass and opens to a large luscious courtyard with a reflecting pool. There is a separate guest house on the second floor is almost as sumptuous as the master suite with wet bar entertainment center, a private large terrace and view to the fairway. The large great room, family room, morning room, and master suites, are designed to have a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors.

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When all the pocket doors are open this house seems to recede into the background as the sculptural desert landscape comes into focus. Patel Arcitecture furthered the image of a tropical oasis by bringing some surprising natural elements inside. The reflecting pool from the courtyard continues inside the house. The bold geometric forms cutout of the floor adds a fittingly reverential aura to what is, especially in an arid climate, a sacred commodity. Earth color makes this house really luxury, both outside and inside.

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