Casual Eclectic House Interior Design

raw-recycled wood furniture interior elements ideas

Need to recharge your energy? Refresh your mind and soul and take a rest at home? If so, you need comfortable atmosphere. Previously, we showed you private courtyard garden idea, now time for your house interior design. Add a variety of colors scheme of painting ideas and various pattern of wallpaper combination is easiest and maybe cheapest cost solution to cheer up your home interior. But how about to combine all interior elements, including the furniture and decorating to design your house interior?

simple gabled house weekend retreat function
ropes-balusters staircase design interior house idea
casual eclectic interior stylish house design
fireplace interior eclectic theme house design

Take a look of this weekend house interior design by Antonio Martins. This house interior design has casual and eclectic concept, so stylish, fun, and perfect interior for sanctuary living spaces. An eclectic mix elements made from modern until recycled materials inside the house, bring new perspective and cozy atmosphere. For example, recycled wood made as furniture and others interior decorating accessories and keep it raw, parts of recycled mechanical engine made as washbasin base, and other industrial materials made as cabinet, fireplace, etc. What we, archinspire love is stair balusters idea, use ropes as stair balusters of zig-zag pattern give creativity atmosphere in this retreat house interior design.

simple dining area interior weekend house idea
eclectic-kitchen interior retreat house design inspiration
creative washbasin recycled industrial materials
closet wardrobe interior idea
creative bedroom interior eclectic casual style
wallpapered bedroom interior stylish casual design

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