Build a Relationship Concept Playfully Levels House Redevelopment Design

This old house residence had been redeveloped to enhance a relationship between its landscape garden and intimate connection between interior spaces thread as playfully and the exaggeration level design. Unique wood sloping roof volume of threshold space creates visual play, consist of series of inviting decks, which has leveling area. The terrace volume invites exploration and offers connections between the adjacent rooms, garden and views. The interior style of house designed in simple volume and fulfills it with both of natural and artificial lighting. Compact kitchen, opening enclosed space transition has completely woods materials, from decorating, flooring until furniture. While other space has whiteness styles that contrasting with wooden flooring. Completed 2009. Designed by Kieron Gait Architects.

treshold simple volume sloping roof relationship concept

modern house redevelopment palyfully level garden connection

enclosed terrace house garden connection wooden slats

house remodeling opening enclosed space transition design

terrace exploration house design layout adjacent space

opening facade interactive leveling edge house design

balustrades volume wooden form opening house design

expandable relationship house garden views renovation

compact kitchen exaggeration level interior design style

opening levels playfully large living house design

completely wooden materials kitchen modern volume design

kitchen threshold opening relationship interior design

whitness style living space fresh interior remodeling

natural light opening dining interior stylish layout

black white bathroom wood decorating interior design

modern house redevelopment plans interior leveling


  1. mary felgate says

    Love this image. We have 35 acre site overlooking a marsh and estuary, have permission to build eco house. Desparately want to enjoy living with views and tranquilty and need a bespoke design that fits our landscape. Any ideas? I like log/austrian-norwegian type houses but contemporary and solid. Do you do bespoke? Can you help?

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