Blue Bedroom? Who’s scare

Because of the characteristic, blue color perfect for children bedroom interior design. From effect side, young blue color makes dweller become relax and cool. Dark blue color like blue sea can awake imagination, calm feeling come out, and also awake sensitivity. Pale blue color gives light, calm, and peaceful impression.


bedroom interior design color ideas


Blue color sometime called as sad color. But if ask teenager, what color that become their favorite colors? The answer mostly: Blue. Indeed, blue often become teenager nation color, especially for boy who do not want said feminine.

Then, is every bedroom elements must in blue? If the color that you use on all of elements just one tone (such as primer blue or only sea blue color), your child will soon boring. Make a combination of various blue colors to get better result.


teens bedroom design ideas in blue

 Another example is only applied blue color in one side of bedroom’s wall. Choose wall side that become point of interest, usually wall behind head bed. Another bedroom’s elements like bed, bedsheet, vintage, although little should be having blue colors lines.


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