Black and White Photograph Theme Concept Apartment Living Suite Interior

This apartment interior designed in unique way, promote black and white photograph result as theme of colored room, so dark, grey, black, white and its gradation colors dominated the space, from walls, furniture, home accessories, home appliances, until furnishing and fixtures. A splashes of color only provided by painting and arts at the walls, with livable sense of natural trunk and flowers attached in random placement at spacious area of dining, tea sitting, and living room with huge black sofa. Artistic achievement feel in double bed bedroom, dark wall contrasting with white ceiling combine with patterned bedding appliances and rugs and classic lamp design. This black white colored room concept creates timeless & elegant style of apartment interior design. Designed by Kelly LaPlante of Organic Interior Design.

black white photograph concept suite interior apartment

natural trunk flowers livable innovative home decorating

splashes painting colors black white colored room interior

patterned rugs bedding appliances double bedroom interior

timeless elegant stylish black white bedroom interior


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