Birds of Paradise’s Tropical Beauty Flowers For Your Landscape

Strelitzia nicolai flower look like heliconia, its flowers almost like the head of Cendrawasih birds thats why people call it Birds of Paradise. This flower plant come from South Africa.

garden tropical flowers Strelitzia nicolai

The flowers looks like the Cendrawasih’s bird head, with its pencils and standing seath and sometimes like the boat seath. Its color contains of orange, blue , yelow-blue, and sometimes white and blue.

garden tropical flowers Strelitzia nicolai

garden tropical flowers Strelitzia nicolai

Strelitzia nicolai is the most number from its kinds and has the more size than the others. It can growth until 6 meter. Its easy way to plant because its can growth with all soil conditions and also live without water in several weeks. Steriliza likes the sunshine. So if you want to planting flowers, get this one, and feel that your outdoors like heaven.


  1. says

    Strelitzia’s do create a very tropical look in ones garden. They are very hardy as well, and because they like sun one can plant them in full sun unlike other plants, this I find to make filling spaces with them easier.

  2. felomina says

    OMG i love this kind of flowers aside from being so sturdy,they dont fade so quickly,,and they grow very well in the phil.How i wish i can plant like this in my place.I do wonder where i can get this flower,,,,

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