Beautify Your Indoor Plants For Great Interior Space Look

Are you have hobby to plant in your inside your house, for interior decorating and make the house space freshness. The indoor plants have to have proper treatment to make it become hilarious interior decorating. Here are some tips to create your indoor plants more beautiful.

house indoor plants treatment tips

beautfy indoor plants interior decorating

First, interior plants must be in really good shape. If there are dead leaves, immediately discarded, so if there is a torn leaves and wilted. If any plant that has disease, it must be removed from the room. Second, clean the plants from the dust. Each wipe leaves with water, so that the dust on the leaves disappear. Third, wait until the leaves / plant is completely dry and no longer attached to the remaining water. After that, you can spray leaf-shine on the surface of the leaf. Do not make excessive spraying, because it can damage the plants look. You can buy leaf-shine at specialty shops ornamental plants. As leaf-shine substituted, you can use whole milk or dissolved milk powder, then the wipe it on leaves one by one. Not only plants, containers or pots must be cleaned, so the overall look of the plant to be attractive.


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