Beautiful Homestead Interior Rearrangement Design

beautiful homestead rural farm style design

Here cool homestead/ rural agriculture house style renovation. The renovation retains the existing long house volume and interior as much as possible. So the rural and modest atmosphere still felt and bring fresh ambience for all dweller during summer. The main focus for this homestead renovation project is interior rearrangement. The interior remodeled to create better space organization, maximize building volume space used, and of course to create appropriate dwelling based on modern way of living.

Interconnected rooms that remain the original interior layout enhanced, created better flowing interior space. All rooms in this homestead are connected by a single corridor. Certain rooms have new structure interventions. The new interventions made from wooden construction. Built-in wood cabinet/storage also becomes parts of the intervention. Sliding doors used to make new space relationship. Slide the doors and new rooms constellation achieved, like this movable boundary apartment. The sliding doors also used as shade screen for opening doors. This rural house barn interior renovation has new double fireplace installed.

The exterior keep retained. Because of the previous several construction phases, the exterior structure mixing become really attractive. The exterior walls of stones and bricks materials combination keep in raw and polished with white colors. This beautiful homestead interior rearrangement designed by Nacházel Architekti . Photo by: Jacob Vlcek.


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