Beautiful Facade with Awning

The appearance is full colors, so become accent of building façade. Not only beautiful to see, but awning has several important function as home complement.

Awning can be building element that reduces sun sting and raining splash. Without awning, rain water can permeate inside home through loose windows gaps.

With awning, heat temperature inside home controlled, so temperature inside house become more stable and our wood furniture become more durable because the head and humidity reduced. Not only as windows umbrellas, awning can be put on doors, terrace, carport, void, and also swimming pool. Even caravan car (rv) use awning as room enhancer.

Awning also becomes place identity, usually for commercial place like restaurant and hotels. Restaurants and hotels logo and named printed on awning surface.

Structure and Materials

With acrylic and polyester that seem as canvas, awning really light. Acrylic material has benefit in texture and wave element matter, while polyester is soft and anti fungi. With 3 mm minimal thickness, this material is waterproof and endures to receive ultraviolet light. There is various colors and pattern, pick which match for your home.

Talking about the structure, awning has hanging structure and the framework almost not seeing, because covered with the cloth. There are three types of awning based on frame structure system.

  • Fixed Frame System

This system use hollow iron frame or aluminum in fixed extension and the width can not change.

  • Manual Frame System

This system make awning able to folded, but in manual method, use hand to fold it. The width of space can be accommodated. If there is bright and clear weather, awning can be folded, if there is heat temperature or rain, awning unfolded.

  • Motor Frame System

Electrical motor fold it. It usable if awning has large measurement.

Be Careful to Place it

Although as exterior complement, don’t get failure to choose and puts down it. Make sure to choose form and colors appropriate with home architecture. For classic furniture, circle form with warm colors like maroon or brown cream can be chosen. Home with modern architecture style, simple form with basic colors is matched.

Make sure that distance of awning form roof enough, so it does not seem overlap.

Because outside home, awning must has dust and other dirt. So frequently clean dirt with special shampoo. Don’t brushing it with rough brush, because emake awning rough and the color fast to pale.

Awning History

Awning first used by Egypt and Syria people as woven cloth to shade house and stalls at market.

At the beginning of 19th century, awning common use in North America. The material that used is cotton woven cloth that usually use for tent and sail. With wood and mould iron, awning placed along pedestrian.

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