Barn Style House Plan Inspiration with Modern Interpretation

barn style house plan country style architecture

Look at this yummy house, this country house is not from refurbishment of a barn like other archinspire previous posts (FYI: if you looking for idea for converting a barn into a house, see our previous posts like here, here, or here). This is totally new modern house with classic country house style. Barn style house plan chosen to admire surrounding environment, which full of traditional agriculture activities. If you want to build house with rural taste, just take an inspiration from this lovely house.

single gabled-roof stones wall barn style house
outdoor-terrace swimming-pool house design

This modern house design built from two volumes building. Main volume is barn-like architecture, two-story+basement and simple gabled roof and dressed with stones walls structure. Second volume is acting like an extension of main home; built with modern concept, single-story and flat roof. The barn house plans consist of three floor plans: basement, ground floor, and upstairs. The basement is for garage and storages. Ground floor consist of kitchen, dining, and study/guest room. And upstairs for private rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The modern building that acts as extension is for living space.

simple warmth living interior house design
staircase area barn house design inspiration
upstair interior barn-style house inspiration

The extension single-story volume placed at the middle and surrounded by outdoor terrace built form wood deck, unify with small swimming pool and simple garden landscape. The interior barn style house plan is quite simple but has warmth atmosphere. Designed by architekti 4A. Floor space: 400 m².


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