Bakery Patisserie Store Design with cultural Blend Architecture

bakery patisserie design architecture idea

Look at this lovely bakery patisserie design. After several renovation, this bakery store restore to its original building architecture shape, of course with modern touching. The original building was a former Japanese textile factory from the Meiji to early Showa era, thus make the building has cultural history. Maintain the heritage and blend it with modern tasty look for this bakery patisserie design is great idea, really inspiring. Series of angular rooflines is typical in region where this bakery store built. Frontage of this store design is simple, with minimalist front garden, but lovely. The interior design also simple and create cozy atmosphere. Designed by Takato Tamagami.

simple front garden bakery store design

simple innovative bakery entrance idea

angular roofline cultural architecture design

simple bakery store interior japanese style

simple cake store interior design

Patisserie Uchiyama

5-4-31 Higashi Kiryu

Gunma 376-0032



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