Backyard Tropical Garden Design Idea

backyard landscape tropical garden design idea

What do you need to fulfill a house become your home? Maybe a nice spot of your backyard can be transformed into secret hideaway with tropical garden landscape and stylish and fun elements. Samples of fun elements? Hmm…check this tropical style backyard landscape: pathway with lush tropical plants and an outdoor shower, deck porch with BBQ, nicely swimming pool, and an elevated outdoor area with enjoyable seating. How to design it? Well, take a look at these backyard tropical garden design idea, from SecretGardens landscape designer from Australia. Develop these idea with your own imagination about secret hideaway, plus of course your hobbies, such as change tropical plants into flowers or maybe herbs, and I’m sure your modern house will be perfect living spaces called true home, where you can feel its sanctuary effects and refresh your body and soul.

Reference:Photo and design by SecretGardens

lush plants between pathway garden design idea
porch deck BBQ backyard landscape design idea
elevated outdoor area bakcyard landscape design
enjoyable outdoor seating backyard landscape design
minimalist backyard garden sunshine bath elements


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