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floating-like structure simplicity house design idea

What do you think about luxury home? Great detailing? lavish materials? How about this house, back to simplicity idea this modern house built with very ordinary building materials (this simplicity house design use materials: concrete, glass, wood), simple, a gabled roof house architecture, and minimalist style just like modern Japanese house style, but if you look at the pictures above and below, luxury atmosphere can be sensed.

large terrace balcony outdoor simple house design
basement courtyard area innovative concrete house
open-plan interior minimalist house design simplicity
concrete glass wood modest building materials
exposed concrete interior simplicity luxury house design

Built on sloping site, this house actually has three floors plan. First floor hidden, like a basement, consists of garage and an indoor gym. The take away idea of this simplicity house design inspiration especially is its second floor. The open-plan concept full of glass-glazing, create floating-like structure for massive third floor. Roof of basement become large terrace/balcony outdoor area, completed with swimming pool. The simplicity is not about materials, the interior design of this house also simple, show an exposed materials, but feel warm and homey, perfect comfortable living spaces. Designed by HHF architects.

simple elegant house interior modest materials
construction phase sloping house concrete style idea
construction phase outdoor swimming pool idea
luxury in simplicity modern house design

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