Arrange Hot Stuff In Order To Smooth The Fortune

Fire or steam tools usually made from electronic, like microwave and AC (Air Conditioner). If those goods do not dominated, it won’t bring problem. But, don’t faces the hot wind blow to doors.

Hot stuff, like stove, and other stuff that bring fire in your house have to placed properly and careful. If you wrong to place it, according the feng shui, it can block your fortune.

AC usually placed or hanging in front of house. The best placement is do not place it to close to doors, because hot wind spraying will block Qi that enter the house. Put the blower far from doors, and comfort and fortune will come.

Below is wrong example of interior design that does not pay attention of hot stuff:

There is no border between guest room and dining room and kitchen. Even, the kitchen set really beside the sofa. This room order make guest room/family room smoked. Because of that, the stove should placed far away from sitting room, and close to windows. It is better if kitchen complete with cooker hood.

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