Aquatic Sense Airy Openness Earth Tone House Composition Double Height Configuration

Spacious house with double height playfully unify openness composition bring aesthetic airy architectural element atmosphere. These airy senses united with aquatics elemental and wooden as earth representation create coziness and comfortable home in modern way of living with natural decorating feature. First is stones pond area along with waterfall synergized with indoor enclosed swimming pool with double height glass windows space. Inside, in the living room, a built-in wall aquarium contains corals with great blue illumination, a connection décor to swimming pool. The wall aquarium is contrasting with earth tone décor; wooden flooring, huge nets ball ceiling lighting, etc. Spatial order applied as partition between spaces. Side of it, spacious space contains dining, kitchen, and relaxing space has direct connect with outdoor pond and terrace. Upstairs and another space interior has pure white colors that contrasting with wooden earth tones and natural home décor appliances and accessories, such as wood-box bathtub, wooden sculptures, etc. A complete wood flooring and wood wall appear in entertainment space that completed with billiards table. Niche lines colors of black and red emphasize the earth sense of interior ambiences. Outdoor BBQ space also built surrounded with big tress landscape. Abramson Teiger architects. 3rduncle interior designer.

double-height house configuration airy architectural element construction

aquatic element modern house united spacing sense

simple pond waterfall outdoor appliance aquatic home

exposed wooden detail glass wall series house form

stone wooden exterior combination modern house structure

massive house glass openness architectural perspective

built-in wall-aquarium blue-illumination interior performance

spatial order interior space partition wooden flooring

indoor swimming pool simple modern enclosed construction

spacious kitchen dining living earth black line interior

open kitchen dining wooden decor interior organization

simple clean kitchenette appliances wood furniture house

black scrawled wall children painting area ideas

pure white wooden interior contrasting comfortable living

wall-flooring wooden interior application entertainment area

wooden-box bathtub modern deco wallpaper bathroom interior

wooden sculptures bedroom interior decorating modern open


  1. Samuel says

    Wow, 3rduncle and Abramson did a fabulous job designing this home! I love homes that get plenty of sunlight and have color to assist that.


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