Aqua Express Electric Water Kettle Braun WK200W

Featuring an ergonomic handle and smooth lines, Braun’s 1,500-watt electric water kettle handily sits on a separate heating element. When water boils one cup takes only 70 seconds. it’s a relief to pick up the kettle and pour without worrying about the plug dragging behind. Once the kettle is removed from the base, it automatically turns off for safety. This good-sized kettle heats up to six cups of water, making it ideal for small meetings at the office or to quickly heat up water (and water only, please) at home. It has an anti-calcification filter to help keep the water tasting clear and clean.

electric water kettle braun aqua express

The design is very nice and clean-looking. The base is especially well-designed, since you can put the pot on rotated in whatever way is convenient. This is apparently a big win over the Krups kettle. The “mineral filter seems like overkill, but it does prevent splashing of the boiling water, and causes pouring to be very smooth. Cleanup is brain-dead simple (pour out the excess water after use, and flip the top open to allow evaporation). Pot itself does not get too hot to touch, and the handle stays completely cool. Automatic-off features work under all sensible scenarios: when it reaches full boil, when the top is opened for any reason, when lifted off the base, or when the pot is empty.

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