Appearing Luxurious Atmosphere in Apartment Modern Interior Design

Luxurious usually correlated with real estate home in classic style, leather furniture, and full detail engraving accessories. Now, luxurious has new dimension that is ultra modern apartment design with glamour impression and fantastic view to sea. This nuance form in this apartment unit.


apartment modern interior design ideas

This unit consist of three bedrooms, has open layout without partition wall between foyer, family room, and dining room so feel spacious. Main area surrounded by wide windows from floor until plafond so maximize view to sea.


luxurious apartment interior design inspiration

To appearing luxurious atmosphere, this apartment arranged in classic and modern style. This design approach applied in furniture and accessories form, refers to geometris squares, but sweetened with curve detail like in chair leg, sofa arms and headboard border. To create comfortable situation, cool, and luxury, colors nuance inside chosen from soft colors combination like blue navy, pale gray, broken white with little touch of wooden chocolate colors, black or silver that give glamorous and elegant impression.


home apartment elegant design living room modern

Beside of that, motif and texture from every imported material exposed, so make room beautiful without need to adding ornament. The imported material such as wenge wood from Africa which covered bedroom floor and palissandro classico marble from Italy which that covered almost of all apartment floors has exotic tendon motif. Tearose marble from Spain and red marquine marble from Italy covered floor and wall of bathroom. Apartment interior decorate with soft furnishing like vitrage, gordyn, and blind for the windows, wallpaper for wall, carpet for floor, upholstery for furniture and also bedcover in bedroom.


apartment modern interior luxurious design ideas

Beside have soft texture, soft furnishing elements combined harmony. For example, family room ordered with one sofa in velvet layered, single chair in silk layered, and frieze carpet. Interesting accent seems at cloth pillow, decorated with feather and beads. The unique things are a combination of leather dining chairs with dining room table and mirror at the wall which has cockle shells formation. All of wall in main area covered with cream wallpaper and combined with dropped down ceiling and a couple of candle place from crystal.


modern luxurious apartment interior design ideas


apartment house interior design ideas


luxurious flat apartment design ideas

At main bedroom, blue bedroom with gold colors motif and has baroque nuance succeed to become eye catcher which combined with cut and loop carpet in contemporary style also upholstery in pale blue colors at Cleopatra chair, headboard, and bench. At children bedroom, pony skin material use as upholstery single sofa and carpet succeed make nuance become live. Finally, layout lighting and arts object collection have important role to give spirit of interior. Lamp in this apartment programmed to appear four ambience, normal, light, and romantic, and gallery. Beside use dimmer and integrated automation system, lamp armature chosen in unusual form, such as Floss lamp decoration.



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