An Optical Break Colorful Interior Elements Hotel Design Idea

contrast whiteness walls strongly colored-ground bedroom interior

New hotel of Global Suites chain built in Granada. With typical figure of English gentleman style that blended with colorful interior elements and relaxing atmosphere, mimic the ambience of Granada city; this hotel design has interesting and new perspective of interior design that can be applied for your home remodeling. A series of traditional British hats hanging at ceiling, and some of them become hanging lamp, or vintage suitcases in a luggage room are example of interesting interior décor in this innovative hotel design. But the most stunning interior design idea is the hotel rooms that have colorful interior elements.

Usually, the colorful interior elements attached at walls, ceiling, or the furnishing, and cheerful accents of interior accessories. But in each hotel room interior, the floors become main focus. The floors attached with cheerful and brightly colored carpets. The carpets as colorful interior elements become an optical break create amazing fresh bedroom interior design. The contrast between whiteness walls and colorful floors carpets bring positive and joy atmosphere for the soul. Another takeaway idea is series of nicely messages stamped on the headboard of bed in the bedroom and messages at the entry. Designed by IlmioDesign. Carpets by InterfaceFLOR. Photo by Alfonso Acedo.

Portago Urban Hotel

Plaza Fortuny 6

18009 Granada



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