An Additional Guest Room Idea of Vacation Home

beneath sloping terrain guest room structure idea

Beautiful old farmhouse with traditional France Architecture turned into vacation home. Unique additional guest room idea adds the inspiring character of this France vacation home. This amazing home vacation located on hillside. From the hillside, a beautiful valley of Lesponne outspread. Since the barn house is small, an additional guest room needed. But to retain the old barn architecture, the guest room extension made with separate volume construction next to the main vacation home.

Creative additional guest room idea came up due to keep the surrounding landscape as natural as possible. Take the advantage of sloping terrain, new space volume of guest room built beneath the sloping terrain surface. This modern guest room design almost invisible. Full large glass windows of front guest room open to the valley beyond. Rear walls created from natural stones. This guest room extension contains bedroom and bathroom, living area and multipurpose room, and garage. In front of glass walls, Corten steel plates installed to create façade and for wooden storage for fireplace. What a lovely guest room idea! Designed by: PPA (Puig Pujol Architectures). Photo by: Philippe Ruault.


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