Amazing Air-Supported Structure Air Domes Sculpture Installation

miracoco airdome sculpture installation

These air domes sculpture installation are really breathtaking illumination! Light is all human longing, because light is bringing sense of wonderful feeling. From rainbow, aurora, until slightest light in the cave that call as heavenly light. This art sculpture installation; air-supported structure domes bring the gift of longing, sense of beauty of lights and colors. Called as Luminaria, these domes consist of several domes that channeled in creative way. Each dome has different lights and colors, and geometrical-shape (both exterior and interior that create radiant of light). The labyrinthine tunnels connecting each lights and colors and create new colors blend, gradations and resonation.

The air domes sculpture installation made of a plastic produced uniquely for Architects of Air. The domes shape inspired from Islamic architecture, Archimedean solids and Gothic cathedrals. Inside one of these cavernous air domes sculpture installation the excitement permeated the body, and the soul shall bear awareness. These domes configuration bring contemplative atmosphere, just like those temple architecture. Created by Architects of Air. Photo by: John Owens Malta, James Morgan, Petra Glorie (euro photo graphic), Jason Nakrani, James Stephenson, Ian Allen, Dylan Morris, Peter Murphy.

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