5 DIY Pinecone for Christmas Ornament Décor

What can you do with Pinecone for Christmas ornament decor? Here 5 DIY to make pinecone more attractive for accompany Christmas tree and make something new ornaments with pinecone.

1.DIY Snowy Pinecones

Create your own imitation of snowy pinecones as a complement items of Christmas interior design. All you need: white craft paint, small paint brush, white/translucent glitter, box or plastic tub, spray polyurethane (optional but advised). Full step by step @ dreamlittlebigger or @ sheknows.

snowy pinecones christmas interior ornaments

2.DIY tiny doll or character from pinecones

Pinecone could be come attractive base/body to create DIY doll or Christmas character, like these elves. You need small pinecones, round wood balls 1? size, white craft paint, red puff paint, micron or fine point sharpie, felt, pipe cleaners, mini trees, mushrooms, wood disks, hot glue, bandsaw or handsaw. Full step by step @ mysocalledcraftylife.

pinecones elves christmas interior decor

3.DIY Pinecone personal card holder

Dress up your Christmas table with this personalization card with DIY pinecone card holder. You can find easy tutorial @ boulderlocavore and @ positivelysplendid

personalization card-holder christmas table decor
placecard ornament DIY pinecone idea

4.DIY easy Christmas tree from pinecones

Create this low-cost and unique Christmas tree from pinecone. You need some pine cones, a beautifull vase, styrofoam in the form of cone, and a hot glue gun Step by step tutorial @ knowhowshedoesit.

DIY easy Christmas tree from pinecones

5.DIY Christmas theme Terrarium

Make this lovely terrarium with winter/Christmas theme with pinecone. Step by step tutorial @ elisamclaughlin.

DIY Christmas wintery Terrarium home accessories


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