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contemporary luxury house design idea

Contemporary Luxury House Design

How about a house that sustainable, has contemporary style, and also luxury design? This contemporary luxury house design is the example that you can have a house that has sustainable architecture, … [Read More...]


Garden & Landscapes

modern garden landscape irregular swimming pool elements

Native Look Modern Garden Landscape Design Idea

Here are native look of beautiful modern garden landscape design photos inspiration that I strongly recommend for you who is looking for natural landscape garden design idea for your home. This modern garden landscape designed by LandArt, a landscape designer from Australia. Occupied sloping area, this modern garden landscape made in terracing garden form; formed […]

patchwork concept backyard garden design

Backyard Garden Design with Patchwork Concept Idea

Love patchwork so much? Then why not apply patchwork concept for your backyard garden design? You could take the inspiration from backyard garden design here, made by 3zu0 landscape designer from Austria. Various plants boxed, cements floor, and wood deck arranged as patchwork creation with irregular pattern. Each of plants boxes has different flowers/plants genus, […]

separate level two planters small garden landscape

Simple Small Garden Landscape Design

Modern and simple small garden landscape built at the backyard of town house. There are two concrete planters installed between staircase. The planters have advantages: created separation (separate level) between small garden landscape and outdoor terrace; resulted to offer different views to enjoy backyard of the house, and as built-in seating. For vertical contrast, Japanese […]

9 glass container mini farm design

Attractive Mini Farm Design Idea for Any Purpose

What do you do if there is abandon narrow land anywhere at your house, your neighborhood, or maybe your commercial space, such as your restaurant? Flowers garden is past, try to transform it become attractive mini farm. Look at this attractive mini farm design. Built in front of restaurant (Roppongi Nouen in Japan) in the […]

simple backyard garden design inspiration

Simple Backyard garden Design: Perfect for a Family to Spend Quality Time

Daily life is costing time, in the weekend spend quality time with family is a must. This simple backyard garden designed to create comfortable spaces for spend quality time. This backyard garden consist of swimming pool (complete with wooden ornament wet-edge), outdoor kitchen and a cantilevered shade structure for outdoor dining space, and large grass […]